So, I am totally fine, but I recently had minor surgery which involved a hospital stay and a month’s recovery time. I’m fine! But all my energy for the past 6 weeks has been devoted to sticking to my writing schedule while prepping for and recovering from surgery, which is why there’s been radio silence across all my social media thingies. I tend to assume people are more interested in the next book than what I had for lunch, so my focus has been on writing chapters, not Facebook updates…

Then some poor soul messaged me like, have you stopped writing?

No! I mean yes, I’m still writing. Yes, I’m working on the next Wild Rites book. Noooo, I will not say when it will be out, because that goes against my policy of Not Counting Chickens Until They’re Hatched, mainly because if anything were to happen to change my schedule, I would have to disappoint everyone who’d gotten excited about the next book, and I’d hate that. So, the schedule is Top Secret for now.

I will say one thing about release schedules: I write pretty fast when I’m on a project, but I tend to need downtime after each project is finished. More downtime if the project is bigger, like the last book, and I usually have a few projects in various stages at any given time. This is just how I work, and how I need to work, or else the crystal ball I use to find the stories gets foggy. (Yes, the crystal ball is my brain, but the rest is magic.)

So, regardless of how fast I’m capable of writing, it’s likely to be about six months in between Wild Rites releases. I know that saying this will earn me boos and hisses from some readers, and believe me, I get it – if there was an Ilona Andrews or Patricia Briggs book every two months, my life would be complete. I know other authors who can release every two or three months, but I can only be me, and this is how I roll.

Thanks so much to all of you who’ve read the books, past and future. There are more coming. If you ever don’t hear from me, it’s only because I’m busy taking care of my brain, making sure that crystal ball stays clear.

Annnd now I’ve used the word “ball” way too many times in this post, so it’s time to sign off. ‘Til next time! Xox