A world of blood and power, of impossible wonder and terrifying savagery.

That’s the world Emma’s best friend Ricky comes from — a world he left behind when he fled to California. It’s not a world she ever wants to visit. Keeping Ricky’s secrets, as well as her own, is enough impossible wonder for one lifetime, and right now she’s way more concerned with finishing her first year of veterinary medicine, trying not to adopt a shaggy monster of a stray called Bruce, and breaking up with mister tall, rich and mysterious before things get super weird.

But the past catches up — and so does destiny.

An ancient prophecy foretells of a human woman born to command the magic of all shapechanging races. She is the Caller of the Blood, and the king that controls her holds her power in his grasp.


First he has to find her. Then he must possess her.

But Emma has other plans.