Being in love with a shapeshifting god of chaos isn’t easy, and watching him try to date someone else sucks. A lot.

But the walking god must find a human mate or risk destroying the very fabric of reality, and Emma’s not quite as human as she used to be. Which is bad for her love life, but it might just help her survive what’s coming…

Emma Chase is the Caller of the Blood, fated to command the power of all shapeshifter kind, bound to many through magic and through love. She didn’t choose this life or this power; all she wants is to keep her ever-growing family of misfits, rebels, and lovers safe, and try to do some good along the way. Unfortunately, there’s a brotherhood of ancient immortals out there who believe she’s the harbinger of the end of the world, and they want her dead. Very, very dead.

Violence. Magic. Inappropriate humor. Welcome to the Wild Rites saga, a gritty urban fantasy series with shifters, vampires, gods and mysterious enemies, all with one goal: claim the prize. Claim the Caller of the Blood.