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Hello readers, new and old!

If you’ve recently grabbed a copy of The Jaguar King, let me welcome you to a world of awkward sexy feelings and creative swearing. The Wild Rites Saga is an ongoing series with many books in the pipeline, and there’ll be news about what’s coming next soonish. Happy binge reading and enjoy the ride!

And, if you’ve been patiently (or not!) waiting for said news, thank you so much, hang in a little longer, your enthusiasm and support mean the world 🙂 I’ll be back to regular blogging in a bit; these past few months have been non-stop with lots of changes and taking stock of the last year’s work, plus I took actual holiday leave, which was waaay overdue. And soon I’ll have a little help around the writer-cave, which will free me up to hang out on the Internet more. I mean blog, it’ll free me up to blog more 😀

Stay safe everyone Xoxo

New Release: The Raven Thief — Wild Rites Saga Book 5

Yup, The Raven Thief is out now.

This was such a wild ride, this book – I honestly thought when I started out that it was going to be a lighter, fluffier, story than the others, so I don’t know how I ended up with almost 500 pages that had me laughing out loud and crying bitter heartbroken tears at the same time.

Trust me when I say I was just as surprised, shocked, flattened, and elated as Emma and the gang were at the way things unfolded. Story is magic, folks, it just is.


I’ve had my head down finishing a certain book 5, so I’ve been super quiet in social media-land lately. Can’t make any announcements – YET. But here’s a teensy tiny snippet…

The warehouse loomed, music throbbing. Threads of the melody filtered into the night. There were no bouncers, and the door was closed, but as Emma and her people approached, the heavy steel door slid aside to reveal brick walls and soft red light. The music grew louder, tempo building, plucking at Emma’s nerves. She caught Ivan’s low murmur. Kal and then Leah grunted affirmatives.

“We’re good to go,” said Andres.

The entrance corridor was wide enough for Fern to flank Ricky and Ivan to flank Red, with Emma in the middle, the bass vibrations of the music growling through the soles of her pumps with every step. Concrete floor, brick walls, muted red and blue bulbs throwing the corridor into disorienting contrast. More steel doors loomed several yards away. By the time they were halfway there, the music was too loud for talking, and by the time they reached those massive doors at the end of the corridor, the bass seemed to be pounding against the inside of Emma’s ribcage.

Panic edged into the spaces between the beat, quickening her breath. It was too much like the bleak concrete of the compound in the Urals where Alan had held her captive, and the walls were edging in on her with every crash of electronic sound…

Alexi’s mental touch lit her up, warm and welcome as winter sunlight, and this time her heart skipped a beat for an altogether different reason.

If he was here, there was no danger on the other side of those doors.

She broke away from the men, braced herself, hit the heavy steel doors with both hands and pushed.

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