If you’ve recently grabbed a copy of The Jaguar King, let me welcome you to a world of awkward sexy feelings and creative swearing. The Wild Rites Saga is an ongoing series with many books in the pipeline, and there’ll be news about what’s coming next soonish. Happy binge reading and enjoy the ride!

And, if you’ve been patiently (or not!) waiting for said news, thank you so much, hang in a little longer, your enthusiasm and support mean the world 🙂 I’ll be back to regular blogging in a bit; these past few months have been non-stop with lots of changes and taking stock of the last year’s work, plus I took actual holiday leave, which was waaay overdue. And soon I’ll have a little help around the writer-cave, which will free me up to hang out on the Internet more. I mean blog, it’ll free me up to blog more 😀

Stay safe everyone Xoxo