HEART OF FLAME is now available to buy on Kindle and to read for free in Kindle Unlimited, so I can take a three-year nap!

Just kidding, I have to write the next one now, so I don’t expect to get any sleep until late 2017. I’m still working on book 5 in the Wild Rites Saga, by the way! I know I’ve been saying that for months! I actually write pretty fast, but there have been two major delays: final rounds of editing for Heart of Flame so the publishers could get it out there, and a month-long bout of what we here in Oz call glandular fever and my friends and fans in the US call mononucleosis or, y’know, just mono. That was fun, guys! So much fun! I’m all better now, aside from not being able to climb stairs without getting winded, which thankfully doesn’t affect my writing pace any.

Oh yeah, the other reason book 5′s taking a while…it’s sort of…a lot longer? Like I don’t know how much longer than the previous books it’s going to be, but it’s shaping up to be kinda epic. I swear I thought I was setting out to write a lighter book! But what do I know, I’m just the author.

Okay, so this was meant to be a post about Heart of Flame and launching a new series and all I’ve done is talk about the other series – oops. Heart of Flame is kinda quirky, because while it’s very much a paranormal romance, there’s a distinctly urban-fantasy flavor to the world and the characters. So if romance isn’t usually your thing, but you don’t mind your urban fantasy with some hot not-fading-to-black sex scenes, then you might just like it.

Heart of Flame is the first in the Wayward Heart series, and I’ll be returning to LA’s paranormal underworld for subsequent books, with book 2 – Heart of Glass scheduled for release later this year. This series will alternate with the Wild Rites Saga, but the books are shorter (though still full length – with me, “short” means 300 pages instead of 500 :P) so there won’t be too much of a wait between books for either series.

That’s enough from me today! Blog posts will now return to their irregularly scheduled programming – look out for the Wednesday snippets starting up again next week. Xoxo