NOTICE TO MY AWESOME FANS: this is NOT the new book in the series, it’s an omnibus edition of books 1–4, so if any of you have somehow found it (I don’t know how; it’s not actually showing up on my author page yet) and pre-ordered it, please be aware of this, I don’t want you to feel cheated! If you’ve mistakenly ordered thinking it’s the next book (book 5,) you can request a refund from your Amazon orders page directly, I won’t be sad.

Yes, it has a different cover, with a different-sounding name! This is because my designer and I have been fine-tuning all the suuuper boring marketing-type stuff for my series, and there is a slight change in branding. The Caller of the Blood series is now OFFICIALLY The Wild Rites Saga, which I feel really captures the mythic scope of the series, and is also a LOT easier to work into cover art and blurbs 😉 Sorry for any confusion while these changes are taking place, it can take a while to update everything accordingly.

And yes, book 5 IS coming.